Worthy Tips for Designing Functional and Space Efficient Customized Wardrobe

Worthy Tips for Designing Functional and Space Efficient Customized Wardrobe

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Space efficient closet is one, which you get customized to suit your needs. A feeble shelf on top with bowed rod beneath are not efficient closet aspects. As a result, you get wrinkled and cramped clothes. If your current wardrobe is a clutter then you can easily transform this mess.

Checkout the tips for space efficient wardrobe given below, which will give you an idea for designing reach-in-closet or walk in wardrobe, where you will genuinely find your stuff easily.

Look for flexibility

It is crucial to adjust in life but people do it. For example, a person suffering from heart attack has to make changes in his diet and lifestyle. Similarly, a closet system needs to be flexible. You can adjust space according to your needs. Let’s understand why adjustable closet is crucial with some examples.

  • Your spouse prefers to place folded jeans on shelves. Alternatively, your habit is to hang them by cuffs. The customized wardrobe design will need to adjust both needs. You will need hanging space and your partner will need shelving.
  • Your height is 5 feet and your partner are 6.2 feet. Therefore, designing hanging sections need to be designed according to his height [your height hanging section designing will wrinkle his coats, at the bottom]. You will get good space in shelving below. A vertically adjustable wardrobe allows you to customize each section to accommodate your clothes and height.

Customized riidekapid [wardrobes] system include holes on side support section, which allows to adjust shelves and rods to accommodate your needs. Thus, you can create flexible spaces according to your clothes organizing style and needs.

Wall to wall wardrobe design

Seeing dead space on top of pre-fabricated closet makes you feel bad because you only keep unused boxes there. If that space was at the bottom then it could be used to store shoes or handbags. On the other hand, a custom wardrobe design will include all the space. Designer will take advantage of height of the room, optimize corner space, and fit storage spot in a way you never expected.

Avoid floor mounted wardrobe system

Floor mounted closet looks grand but the trims take away 4”to 5” storage space. Wall mounted closet on the other hand, allows to use all the floor space and offers crisp, clean minimal wardrobe design.

Perfect drawers

Drawers look sleek and enhance the space magnificently. Unfortunately, they get cluttered quickly, especially when sizes are incorrect. Too big drawers make you dig through to find the stuff and too small means things get damaged, when you try to shove them inside.

Imagine shallow drawers with dividers to organize accessories separately, which helps you to see them clearly and they don’t get entangled. Drawers that perfectly house your shoes help to keep them stored out of sight. Possibilities are myriads, you just need to figure them out.

Professionals at V-Disain can help to create a design that is beautiful and practical. Make sure to use all available space and a design that is flexible to your storage habits to get most efficient result.

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