Ways You Can Manage Presence Of Asbestos In Your Building Construction

Ways You Can Manage Presence Of Asbestos In Your Building Construction

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Performing a survey to detect the presence of asbestos is essential for a property owner. To effectively manage asbestos presence in your building, you need to learn about the different types of asbestos survey. This will help in determining the right way to manage it in a residential space.

Who is responsible for repair or maintenance of asbestos survey?

People who are responsible for repair or maintenance of premises or equipment have the duty to perform asbestos survey. This duty is applicable for:

  • All non-domestic areas
  • The common sections of domestic premises, such as lift shaft, boiler room, and out-house
  • Any equipment that has asbestos in it

What does it mean by an asbestos survey?

An asbestos management survey is commonly referred as a ‘standard survey’. The main aim of performing this survey is to find the presence as well as extent of asbestos containing materials in the building. With the help of this survey, a person is in the state to identify which of such materials can disturb or damage daily occupancy that includes day to day maintenance activities.


What are things included in an asbestos management survey?

A survey for the management of asbestos include intrusive work and can even cause some level of disturbance. This intrusion can vary for different sites. Its nature would depend on factors such as type of building, method of construction and general accessibility. This survey, where needed, will comprise of the collection of samples that are suspected to contain asbestos. Analysis of these samples will confirm whether it contains asbestos or not.

How will an assistance of surveyor help you in accomplishing this task?

Professional surveyors will carry out an examination of all those areas of the premise to identify materials that have asbestos in them. This survey won’t lead to any sort of damage to the areas where it is conducted.

Surveyors who will be performing a management survey will include an examination of all walls, floors, ceilings, suspended ceiling voids, surface levels, accessible risers, loft voids etc. These skilled surveyors will take every single effort to identify any suspected materials via sampling. All kinds of suspected materials are sampled by them at the time of performing survey for confirmation purposes.


This information will really help in identifying asbestos presence and manage it effectively. This guidance is easy to follow, user friendly and saves time in understanding the duties as a property owner.

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