Use Of Telescopic Loaders In Construction And Installation Projects

Use Of Telescopic Loaders In Construction And Installation Projects

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Most of the countries from around the world are pushing towards improvement of infrastructures and public convenience. In order to make it possible, heavy duty equipment like the cranes and telescopic loaders being used quite extensively in most of the big construction and installation projects.

In this post, we shall look at how the telescopic loaders have become an important tool for doing all different types of construction and installation projects. These telescopic loaders come with the lifting baskets and extensions, which allow technicians to work on heights of above 17 meters.

Some of the common jobs for which the telescopic loaders are deployed:

  • Construction jobs on chimneys and roofs
  • Building exterior projects
  • Landscaping and soil lifting
  • For the maintenance and installation of huge advertising hoardings
  • Installation of windows
  • Removal of icicles
  • Installation of panels on building exteriors and bridges
  • lots more them

The lifting hooks on the telescopic loaders can be used for all different kind of loading and lifting tasks. These loaders also come with extensions of more than 2 meters, which allows the technicians to operate on a wide space while working on heights.

With the use of these types of extension, contractors are able to do a lot of jobs like:

  • Hauling heavy boards and blocks to the upper floors
  • Lifting windows and installation
  • Hauling heavy industrial devices and equipment like ovens, millers, and printers
  • For lifting heavy cable roles, and also for the installation process
  • In the loading and removing of goods with the sea containers
  • For the installation of sandwich panels and roofing tiles in buildings and bridges
  • These loaders are also used for loading and unloading of heavy equipment from and to the trucks
  • These telescopic loaders are also used for lifting building basses, are also as the arms for building demolitions.
  • They can also be used on risky electrical projects like installation of transformers

Many construction and installation companies in Estonia go for the telescopic loaders or teleskooplaaduri rent during the different stages of the projects. These companies provide these heavy duty lifting and weighing equipmen,t along with the services of experienced drivers, who are trained to handle the machine as per the project requirements.

These specialised cranes allow for installation of sandwich panels and windows quite conveniently. They help in saving a lot of man-hours, which will not only serve towards reducing the manpower, but also for reducing the costs and the time taken for project completions.

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