Top 7 DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Top 7 DIY Plumbing Mistakes

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With the unlimited access to information via the internet, in recent times, do-it-yourself has become the order of the day. Everyone wants to scratch a curiosity by trying out things meant to be handled by professionals alone. In this case, Plumbing is not excluded at all. Sometimes the need arises for a plumbing service, and maybe the homeowners felt he/she could save some bucks. They decide to go online and check for ways to fix it themselves. While you might get lucky, sometimes you’ll end up making it worse, and then accruing expenses for it to be fixed by professionals. Today, let’s talk about top do-it-yourself plumbing mistakes people commit.

  • Inappropriate Toilet Positioning

While replacing a toilet bowl might seem easy to many, a satisfactory result is a product of accuracy. This is what most people that embrace the idea of do-it-yourself don’t know. They sometimes finish up the job and the new toilet bowl ends up not fitting. So yes, getting the right size of the toilet bowl according to the house measurement is important.

  • Not Sloping the Shower Floor

There are basics to everything. Just like the basic thing for fixing a shower is that the water eventually flows and not stagnates. So, someone might end up fixing the floor in a shower without slopping the tile at an angle a bit, and cause an imbalanced flow of water to the drainage system. A professional will surely have this basic knowledge and know what to do.

  • Mismatched pipes

I think this explains itself well enough. There are different pipes used for plumbing: stellar, copper, plastic. Some make the mistakes of matching two different pipes to fix a leak and it ends up getting worse because the two mismatched pipes weren’t supposed to be matched in the first place.

  • Over-tightening connections

One thing a plumber always knows is never to do that. A connection shouldn’t be over tightened beyond its limit; else, it will cause a break or a tear in fittings. Non-plumbers without this knowledge might end up trying to do this to make it watertight, not knowing they are setting themselves up for doom.

  • Not Priming

The pumping machine might get spoilt and you are probably thinking of fixing it on your own. You might end up doing all the connections and try test running the pump without priming. That could lead to damage of the pumping machine. Priming is basically adding of water to the valve connected to a pump to initiate the pumping process. Not doing that might cause the pump running without water; hence causing damage to the pump

  • Not turning off the water

This is a common occurrence among people that attempt to DIY. They might end up not shutting the water off at the source, which could cause a gush of water splashing everywhere and messing up the project even before finishing.

  • Forgetting how to couple things back together

In the course of fixing a plumbing problem, you might end up losing one or two things. It only takes skill and experience to get it coupled back to its initial form. Not doing that aptly might cause a blockage, leakage, or even a damage of pipes.

This is not in any attempt to scare you; it is just to tell you why you need a plumber to just do their work. Check out our website for more details on how to book our services.

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