Some Great Ideas for Glazing Your Balcony

Some Great Ideas for Glazing Your Balcony

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One way to get natural light into your home is by using glazing system for your balcony. You can add glazing system while constructing a new as well as for an old home. There are a number of ways to add glazing for your house. In this article we shall discuss some new ideas of glazing.

  • Add lights from top

You can get natural sunlight inside your home in number of ways. Most common ways are through windows. You can also provide glazing at certain location of the roof from where direct sunlight may enter and increase the lighting inside. You can implement this idea in bathroom, kitchen or dining room.

  • Use bifold sliding doors

Most of the people implement this idea whenever they take up any home improvement project. You can improve the aesthetics of the house based on your budget. However, while using bifold sliding doors, you need to consider suitable drainage system for rainwater.

  • Traditional windows

Most of us are aware about traditional windows where glazing system is provided. It works as eye for the house from where we can see the outside while remaining at home.

  • Internal glazing

With internal glazing you can view between the rooms and also improve the lighting within the room.

  • Light tunnels

Most of your rooms which is in the centre or in the basement usually there is shortages of natural lights. By using light tunnel or sun pipe you can create proper lighting in such areas of the room. If you position the glazing on the south facing roof where there are maximum sun lights available throughout the day, by using a flexible tube you can make natural light to travel inside.

  • Glass balustrades

It is not necessary that glazing should be limited only in the windows. If you have terrass or balcony in your house then you can choose glass balustrades. If it is full height glass doors then you can have uninterrupted views.

  • Glass floors or ceiling

There is another great way to allow light from one room to the other is by providing internal glazing on either glass floor or ceiling.

  • Glazed links

You can join existing building with new extension by using glazed link so that there is visual transition between both the sides and also it will help in brining natural light into the house.

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