How to Compare International Movers

How to Compare International Movers

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International relocation is a tricky process which involves a lot of planning and a lot of effort. In addition to this, when moving to another country you’ll need help from experienced movers. Even though local moves can sometimes be handled without professional assistance, this isn’t the case when you’re moving far far away. So, in order to have a successful and safe move, how can you choose the best moving company for your needs? It’s easy; you’ll just need to compare international movers until you find the ones which suit your needs the best.

Talk to multiple companies

First off, you’ll want to find as many moving companies as you can and get their info. The safest bet is to go with ten companies for your preliminary list; however, you can also do with five. Making a big list of companies will give you a better chance to find the movers which will suit your needs the best. How can you do this? Well, by doing some good old fashioned research:

  • Check out their website – it will help you get some basic information about your movers.
  • Get moving quotes – ask for an estimate of your moving costs
  • Read reviews online – read as much as you can about the company you’re planning to hire.
  • Talk about other services you might need – if you want to truly compare international movers, you should ask about the services they provide. Having the movers pack your things is useful when you’re in a hurry. Unfortunately, some international moving companies don’t offer packing services.

Talk to at least 5 companies and compare your results.

In addition to this, if you have a big list of moving companies to choose from, you can always have a first, a second and third pick. This way you’ll have a backup plan if your first choice doesn’t have the moving day which suits you. So, make sure you consider adding some.

Get quotes

With moves as long as an international relocation, it’s common to ask for a moving quote from your movers. This is an estimate of your moving costs and it can be:

  • Non-binding – this is your garden-variety assumption of how much your move will cost. It can change and go up or down depending on what your movers find when they come to your home on the moving day.
  • Binding – this is a contractual estimate which will provide you with an exact moving cost. This is the amount you’ll pay at the end of your relocation and it won’t change. Keep in mind that moving companies usually charge you for drawing up a binding estimate.

So, if you’re getting charged for an estimate of your moving costs, why is it worth it? Well, getting an accurate quote for your move is very important, and it will help you decide on which moving company will suit you the best. In addition to this, it could help you better prepare your moving budget. You won’t need to worry about spending over your prepared finances.

A good moving estimate can save you a lot of trouble.

Read reviews and get recommendations

After the general research and information gathering we mentioned above, it would be useful to check out online reviews. This is the best way to compare international movers you’re planning to hire. You should choose the top three companies you’re considering. It will take forever to read all the reviews of all the companies on your list. If you’re looking to move to NYC and are looking for reliable movers you can count on, you won’t go wrong with Capital City Movers NYC. These are experienced professionals with nothing but awesome reviews from their customers.

A company with good reviews is much more likely to provide you with a safe international relocation.

Ask for a moving date

Get informed about your moving date as early as possible. This way you can plan some enhancements on your new home in advance. The sooner you personalize your new place of living, the sooner it will feel like home. This is important when moving to a different country since you will want space to be welcoming and up to your standards. If you get your moving date early, you’ll have enough time to plan the remodeling of your new home before or after your moving day.

Figuring out the moving date is very important for an international move.

Choosing the right company is just the beginning

Picking your movers is but a single step in the journey that is an international relocation. Even though comparing various moving companies might seem like a difficult ordeal, it’s one of the easier moving related tasks. After you compare international movers, it’s time to really get to work. You’ll need to pack your home, cancel your utilities, change your living address, close your bank accounts and a lot more things.

Luckily, you don’t have to do all this by yourself. Your movers could help you. Just make sure you hire the companies which provide the services you want. This way your international relocation will be easy and stress-free. For example, instead of looking for good protection for your electronic devices, you can hire packing services. Professional packers have various protective materials and know different ways of protecting your electronic devices.

This is the best option if you’re moving for the first time, as well. You can spend your time on finishing up your documentation and getting all the paperwork you’ll need for your international move. Why would you waste time on menial tasks such as packing when there are people who do it for a living?

In the end, when you compare international movers, choose the company whose services suit you the best. Before you hire them though, make sure they’re a legitimate company and not scammers. It could be too late to regret your decision once you’ve moved to a new country.

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