Finding the Best UK Bed Stores – Top Tips for Making the Right Choice

Finding the Best UK Bed Stores – Top Tips for Making the Right Choice

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If you are looking for a UK bed store there are plenty to choose from, online and off. However, without doubt, you’ll want to ensure you buy the right bed for you at the right price. Here are some top shopping tips that will help you make the right choice, no matter your budget.

Do Not Give in to Impulse!

There are many types and styles of beds available today: Minimalist, traditional, space-saving, the list is long! If space is a major issue there are some ingenious space-saving beds available, perfect for children’s rooms and smaller bedrooms. Unless you intend to completely restyle and refurbish the bedroom it is important to choose a style that suits. While that four-poster bed looks great in the picture online, or staged in the showroom, it might look completely ‘displaced’ in your home. The bed and headboard (if you have one) tend to control the room visually. The style you choose could make it or break it style wise. Take your time to really think about the styles available and what suits your home and personality best. Do not ‘impulse’ buy.

Get Out the Measuring Stick!

It is amazing how many people by a bed and do not measure the space they have beforehand. This is particularly important if buying bunk beds. Measure the height as well as width. Remember to allow a comfortable and practical amount of space around the bed. Not just for side tables but for cleaning and getting underneath for accessing storage, if you intend to buy a divan with drawers for example. UK bed sizes do vary slightly but generally range from around 80cm to 180cm in width and 190cm to 200cm long.

Which Mattress?

If you are changing the mattress it is very important to get the measurements right. If the mattress is too big or small this will usually affect how comfortable it is quite substantially. The main concern when buying a new mattress is to ensure it provides enough support (the harder the better is an out-dated idea). Today, the main difference between a firm bed and a soft one is the amount of cushioning on top. It’s what’s underneath that really counts. A good mattress supports the spine and keeps it in-line with the mattress.

Which Brand?

Stone House, Harmony Beds, Flair Furnishings and Deluxe are among the most well-known brands. Online bed stores often have end-of-line offers which can provide a low-cost option. If you know what makes a “good” bed the brand is not so important. There are some incredibly cheap beds available (from not so known brands) if you shop around. Keep your eyes open for those sales! Also remember, outlets have different mark-ups. Online outlets often offer the cheapest prices simply because their overheads tend to be lower than high-street shops.

There are many UK stores offering a huge range of beds, mattresses and headboards. Be practical with your choice and you will get one that looks as good as it works!

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